This home, located in Southern California, incorporates a stradegy that reorganizes the site into 2 distinct domains, one public and the other entirely private. On the public side is the domain of existing house with a pool and manicured lawns which had the potential to become an outdoor living space in the SoCal house tradition. Rooms throughout this spacious home are both literally and visually connected to the outdoors. The structure enhances clarity and awareness of the site by delineating an interior circulation path that is illuminated by natural light. The dramatic entry, gated by giant copper double doors, lead to open spaces that are characterized by movement between public and private zones. This result is an extended threshold of space between volumes, effectively contrasting the closed quality of the initial entry, to the vastness of the desert horizon. In this way, the architecture permits greater understanding of the relationship of building to environment that can be effected through clarity, sequence and order. pool areaentrancekitchenkitchen2diningliving roomliving room2living room3denbedroomguest roomdramatic entranceVIDEO PRESENTATION