BIG HORN ELEGANCE Projection toward the landscape is a theme that characterizes this modern home perched in the upper cove of the majestic San Jacinto Mountains. The interior design is a revelation, embraced by transparent walls of glass that project the interior activity toward the surrounding zen gardens, running streams, private lagoons and the colors and textures of the desert. Colors were carefully selected to mirror the natural surroundings: orange of desert flowers, blue of distant ridges, olive of cacti and yucca. Interior colors that seem dramatic remain subtle variations of the exterior, enhancing the space's relationship to the landscape. The design achieves simplicity of form-not perfection or purification of it-creating a symbiotic relationship with the desert. Here, the structure and the land are read as one living space with contrasting pools, streams and lagoons all creating a play between the desert elements and an oasis. courtyarddining areaprivate gardenliving roomguest housekitchenliving areamedia roomVIDEO PRESENTATION